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Future gazing: what’s in store for storage?

It’s a busy time at A3 Communications, fresh from the success of our third Technology Live! demo day, and we’re already working hard on the next edition that this time will take place in Paris in September. But that’s not the only event we run:...

It’s summer – should you take it easy?

It’s very tempting to think that because journalists tend to be on holiday over the summer (especially in continental Europe), this is the perfect time to put your feet up and take a well-earned break. But that would be wrong. As the weather heats ...

How to brief a PR agency - overview

You’ve decided to take on a PR agency. You’ve shortlisted your favourites. How are you going to find out which one will be best for you and your company?

A good brief is the key. It can help your prospective agencies understand your busine...

Europe is just next door – a great PR stunt

I love taking a bit of time out to look at other people’s PR ideas – sometimes they inspire me and sometimes I just like to appreciate some really creative thinking.

Take this campaign ‘Europe is just next door’ for SNCF (France’s n...