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A small selection of testimonials from clients

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Fred always goes the extra mile to get a story published or uses her creative brain to come up with a 3PAR news angle that no one else has ever thought of. Her creative ideas have single-handedly kept the European press satisfied over the past four years!

Craig Nunes, Vice President of Marketing (now at Datrium). 3PAR

As a SNIA Europe board director I have worked with Fred over the last few years so when we decided to build the MTI brand across EMEA we did not look any further A3 Communications was an easy choice thanks to their market knowledge, drive, PR skills and agencies network.

Aad Dekkers, Chief Marketing Officer (now at Scale Computing). MTI

When we started Shoden Data Systems in 2008, we wanted to build a company that offered enterprise-level storage solutions to FTSE100 organisations, and to offer the highest levels of service in the UK and latterly on the Continent. Over the last three and a half years, we are proud to have British Airways, Barclays, Sainsbury's and Standard Bank as users of our solutions, together with similar organisations in Spain and Germany. We could not have achieved this level of success so quickly as a start-up without the tremendous support and guidance provided by A3 Communications; Fred Monsone and her team have been excellent in promoting Shoden's name, giving us frequent exposure and contact with the leading IT industry journalists and analysts. They managed our company and product launches, and always ensured that in every context, the Shoden name was displayed for maximum benefit. I have no hesitation in recommending A3 Communications to any organisation that is keen to raise its profile in a highly competitive market.

Phil Jones, CEO. Shoden


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Small selection of testimonials from Influencers

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The reliability and industry knowledge Fred shows on a daily basis is a solid foundation for A3 Communications.

Bryan Betts, principal analyst. Freeform Dynamics

A3 Communications consistently provides me with relevant and up-to-date information as they understand my needs as a journalist. A3 also has a superb understanding of its clients and the industry overall.

David Ludlow, editor. Computer Shopper

The team at A3 Communications are wonderful and pleasant to work with. They share only the relevant pieces of news about their clients and offer plenty of opportunities to meet and speak to the vendors as well as their customers. They have a good portfolio of vendors and share news about all of them on a regular basis. What makes the team special is their understanding of the subject matter, storage IT industry and the exact needs of the journalists. Their event management/organizational skills are great too. But most of all - the team is professional, helpful and tries to meet journalists' deadlines and requests.

Archana Venkatraman, Senior Research Analyst, European Storage Research. IDC


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