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Mehr Info, weniger Marketing

Die Pflege von Journalistenkontakten und das Informieren von Journalisten gehören zu den Grundaufgaben der Firmen-PR. Doch darüber, wie man sie löst, gehen die Meinungen naturgemäß auseinander. Dabei spielt auch die Kultur eine Rolle. Nachf...

Flash Begets Flash

Enterprise Strategy Group Research Reveals Huge Growth Potential for Solid-State as EMEA IT Professionals Remain Skeptical about Necessity

Solid-state storage continues to be adopted across IT, delivering...

Top tips to pitch the channel press

By Christine Horton, freelancer writer and editor

While the IT industry is huge, there are many areas that remain a mystery to many. The IT sales channel falls into this category, and as such, it’s difficult to know how to pitch c...

Why Do High-Quality Translations Matter?

By Deirdre Nuttall, 101 Translations

Most people in the IT industry worldwide can read English to some degree, and often very well – and English is the working language for IT professionals in many parts of the world – so why translate...