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Upcoming IT Question Time dates:
London, UK: 2nd April 2020


IT Question Time

IT Question Time is a half-day event loosely modelled on the TV debate 'Question Time' where up to four panellists (vendors, resellers, service providers, etc.) discuss the issues surrounding a newsworthy subject such as flash storage or GDPR in a roundtable format with independent speakers, a moderator and a selected group of highly influential journalists, bloggers and analysts.

The main difference between IT Question Time and a traditional roundtable? At this A3 Communications event the agenda is set by the journalists, bloggers and analysts so the discussion is always relevant and current for all participants. This is a highly interactive event where all present are invited to participate and share their expertise.

To date the following outlets have taken part in A3 Communications' IT Question Time: AI Business, Architecting IT, Business Cloud News, Cavell Group, ChannelPro, Cloud of Data, CloudPro, Computer Business Review, Computer Weekly, Computing, Controls, Drives and Automation, Freeform Dynamics, Horizon Media, Information Age, IT Candor, IT Pro, Microscope, The Register and t-zero communications Ltd.

Attendee reviews:

Joe Garber, Micro Focus
'This is my third IT Question Time. I keep coming back because the team does a great job identifying topics that are critical in the market, because they secure a solid audience that brings life to the topic, and because they are well organized. I look forward to participating in future events as well.'

Finbarr Goode Begley, Cavell Group
'Great event, with well-chosen speakers who were capable of speaking to the heart of the subject matter.'