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The most recent #StorageBeers was on 15th March 2017
#StorageBeers started a few years ago when a few of us from the storage industry got together for drinks after day one of a trade show. We quickly found ourselves using Twitter to share our location and plans for the evening with other people wishing to join us and the hashtag #StorageBeers was born.

Today #StorageBeers has grown to attract bloggers, press, analysts, vendors, resellers, (PR) consultants and anyone else from the data storage industry; they mostly take place after a conference, trade show or other event that a few of us are attending. A great way to end the day!

#StorageBeers are very informal get-togethers where the deal is that any vendor wishing to come along has to buy a round of drinks (or some food - depending on the time their round comes up!). And no selling is allowed. This is supposed to be a friendly, relaxing opportunity to get to know each other better without 'talking shop'. So anyone can arrange a #StorageBeers but it can't be a vendor event - it must remain 'independent'.
To find out when the next #StorageBeers gathering is taking place, you can check this page. For UK-specific dates you can also check the relevant Facebook page or follow its Twitter handle.