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Upcoming dates for Technology Live!

• 24th-25th February 2021
• 17th June 2021

• 9th December 2021

* Please note that if necessary, we will move from a one day in-person event to a two-day virtual event (spread over two afternoons).

Enabling the discussion between the industry and its influencers

Technology Live! is a one-day event where up to four vendors showcase their technologies in action to a group of technical journalists, bloggers and analysts. A combination of presentations and demos allows each company to present its solutions with a much higher level of detail than is usually possible in traditional briefings. A highly interactive day for all participants.

Delegates who have attended to date: Adrian Morant, Andrea Mauro, Andrew Buss, Antony Adshead, Antony Savvas, Ariane Rüdiger, Bertrand Garé, Bryan Betts, Chris Bidmead, Chris Evans, Chris Mellor, Christophe Bardy, Christoph Lange, Clive Longbottom, Colin Barker, Dan Robinson, Daniel Bizo, Dave Raffo, Dave Tyler, David Norfolk, Engelbert Hörmannsdorfer, Enrico Signoretti, Greg Ferro, Hartmut Wiehr, Jacques Cheminat, Jakob Jung, Joe O'Halloran, John Abbott, Joscelyn Flores, Josh Krischer, Karl Fröhlich, Keith Humphreys, Lars Nitsch, Marco Broeken, Mark Chillingworth, Mark Peters, Martin Glassborow, Martin Hingley, Mary Branscombe, Max Smolaks, Michael Matzer, Mitul Metha, Nathaniel Martinez, Nick Sundby, Norbert Deuschle, Paul Fisher, Peter Gothard, Randy Kerns, Rob Peglar, Roy Illsley, Silvia Cosso, Simon Bisson, Solange Belkhayat Fuchs, Stefan Girschner, Stephen Pritchard, Tony Lock, Torsten Rapp, Ulrike Riess, Wojciech Urbanek, & Yann Serra.

To access video recordings of previous Technology Live! sessions please click here.

Latest editorial highlights:

Bringing the Enterprise SAN into the cloud era
7th July 2020 - Next Platform
Nebulon Unveils Cloud-Defined Storage
7th July 2020 - Architecting IT
Nebulon emerges with software-defined storage, but from the cloud
25th June 2020 - Computer Weekly
Gipfeltreffen von Storage-Anbietern
26th February 2020 - Storage Insider
Compute Express Link triumphs in the post-PCIe bus war
25th February 2020 - Blocks & Files
Scality preps scale-out file system on Azure Blob Storage
24th February 2020 - Blocks & Files
Scality Ring8 réunit plusieurs espaces de stockage en un seul
10th July 2019 - LeMagIT
DRaaS: Druva Phoenix für die AWS-Cloud
8th July 2019 - Computer Weekly
Scality fête ses dix ans et une nouvelle version de son Ring
2nd July 2019 -
And now we are 10. Scality RINGs the changes
27th June 2019 -
"Phoenix Rising" - Druva Builds Fully Integrated Demand Generation Engine for Increased Revenue and Consideration
20th June 2019 - TechTarget
The irresistible rise of NVMe means SATA SSD days are numbered
3rd March 2019 -
Qumulo builds home-grown S3 bucket shop
28th February 2019 -
Western Digital adds shingles to MAMR drives
28th February 2019 -
BiB 034 - Virtual Instruments at A3 Technology Live Feb 2018
8th February 2018 - Podcast
BiB 033 - Micron Technologies at A3 Technology Live
8th February 2018 - Podcast
Kaminario will seine All-Flash-Plattform mit Software allzwecktauglich machen
18th July 2017 - Storage Insider
Scality Introduces Zenko - A Multi-Cloud Data Controller
12th July 2017 - Architecting IT
Kaminario offloads compression to Intel's QAT engine
11th July 2017 - The Register
Symbolic IO stellt Serverplattform für Computational-defined Storage vor
13th April 2017 - Storage Insider
Virtual Instruments étend son champ d'opération
6th March 2017 -
Symbolic IO CEO insists the IRIS i1 is more than a bunch of pretty lights
3rd March 2017 - The Register
Virtual Instruments provide a full stack monitoring
3rd March 2017 -
Scality guarantees 100 percent uptime for private cloud storage environments
2nd March 2017 -
Quantum takes on GPFS and Lustre in commercial HPC market
1st March 2017 - The Register
Scality guarantees 100% availability
28th February 2017 - The Register
Symbolic IO reveals tech bound to give server old guard the willies
24th February 2017 - The Register
Symbolic IO: the wow effect
24th February 2017 -
Technology Live! London 2017
23rd February 2017 -
On a parlé stockage à Technology Live !
19th October 2016 - (France)
NVMe over Ethernet is the future. And that's how we roll- Tegile
10th July 2016 - The Register
Seagate's Kinetic drives: They're moving... but in what direction?
11th April 2016 - The Register
You always hear about storage's big dogs. How about the little firms?
22nd March 2016 - The Register
Technology Live and a Little More...
17th March 2016 - Storagebod
DDN Storage: HPC accelerated solutions
16th March 2016 - VInfrastructure Blog (Italy)
Gain value from unstructured data with Tarmin
15th March 2016 - VInfrastructure Blog (Italy)
Scale Computing: an alternative hyperconverged solution
14th March 2016 - VInfrastructure Blog (Italy)
Le upstart de la storage: OpenIO, ARM CPUs and Kinetic drives
11th March 2016 - The Register
Application aware storage with Openio
11th March 2016 - VInfrastructure Blog (Italy)
A3 Communications Technology Live!
10th March 2016 - VInfrastructure Blog (Italy)
Newbie startup Tarmin shines up trendy secondary storage grid
10th March 2016 - The Register
No Kinetic energy at DataDirect Networks: Ethernet drives snubbed
10th March 2016 - The Register
Scale Computing: Our hyper-converged gear will be worth the weight
10th March 2016 - The Register

Attendee reviews:

Dave Tyler, Storage Magazine
"Replacing a full day's face-to-face presentations and discussions with several virtual sessions over two days must have been a daunting task for A3 (Communications) to organise, but they did a good job of shepherding all the right people in and out of different Zoom rooms at the right moments... Nobody else is doing what A3 (Communications) do with these days, and I'm surprised at that, as the format clearly works for us (press/analysts)."

Ulrike Riess, TechTarget
"Technology Live! gives the opportunity to have access to different vendors and thus different angles of IT stories. Technical information is most valuable closely followed by being able to connect with vendors as well as fellow journalists."

Chris Mellor, The Register
"Why was it such a good event? Good mix of companies; right number for length of day, mix of tech and sales/marketing, willing to answer toughest questions in straightforward way - much appreciated, good mix of journalist/analysts facilitated good range of questions and attendee-presenter conversations making for meaningful dialogue."

Tony Lock, Freeform Dynamics
"A great chance to interact with the participants. A very well organised and run event."

Martin Glassborow,
"Good selection of vendors; pacing of presentations was good. [I wanted Technology Live! to give me] product information and context from various vendors along with a healthy dollop of cynicism from the journos/bloggers and analysts...and it delivered"

Enrico Signoretti,
"I like the idea to spend a day with a selected number of vendors and few other bloggers/journalists to talk about technology and different PoVs. And this is exactly what happens."