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Case Studies - The European Media's Take on Success Stories

Success stories are one of the strongest tools in the PR arsenal. By showing how a product has enabled an individual or organisation to satisfy a need or meet an objective, a company establishes credibility among potential customers and across its industry overall. The media, famously sceptical of organisations 'blowing their own trumpets', is also very receptive to stories of organisations having adopted a product and successfully addressed a challenge.

However, there are of course a few rules and caveats when it comes to writing and placing case studies and this survey-based whitepaper outlines how to successfully work around these.

A3 Communications, the European networked storage PR specialists, recently polled 60 top journalists about their preferences when it comes to case studies are they better than press releases? How do they select them? Would they consider an end user based in a foreign country?

The editors, reporters and freelancers we surveyed write for print and online titles including business, trade, channel and vertical publications such as 01 Informatique (France), CIO (France and UK), Computerworld (Belgium and UK), Computing (UK), eWeek (Italy), Government Computing (UK), heise resale (Germany), Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy), Information Age (UK), IT Focus (Poland), IT Web (South Africa), IT Nation (Luxembourg), Searchstorage (Germany and UK), Storage (Netherlands). Storage Newsletter (France), TechWorld (Sweden and UK), The Register (UK) and Tietoviikko (Finland).

This whitepaper will help you understand the European media's preferences when they work with success stories, from the type of format they prefer, to the impact a specific vertical market has on the coverage.